Fast and individual: Concrete Drive Thru
Configure your system individually

The modular design of our concrete filling stations allows for custom-tailored configuration that meets your requirements and spatial conditions to the “T”. The heart of the system is the mixing module. A planetary mixer with a mixing capacity of 17 ft³ or 35 ft³ per batch is available. You determine the size of your cement silo. You can opt for a standard silo of 37 yd³ or enlarge the volume to 44 yd³. The standard silo is equipped with a cement dust filter and a level measurement.

The size and number of storage hoppers are also custom-tailored to match your requirements. You can choose between two or four chambers with 3.9 yd³ each. Optional attachments expand the volume to 5.2 yd³ each. Loading is possible with shovel widths of up to 126 inches, expandable to 137 inches. The discharge conveyor has a standard length of 8.8 Yards and ends with a discharge height of 114 inches. Optionally, the conveyor belt can be extended to 12 yards; then it achieves a discharge height of 157 inches.

A-C: Possible placement of the cement silo
1-4: Storage chambers for different grain sizes

Step-by-step configuration according to your requirements and wishes:

Cement dust filter

Belt conveyor

Dosing units with attachments

Planetary mixer with wear tiles

VEGA level indicator

Extra large and numerous mixer openings

Storage chamber (with specified depth and width for loading)

The modular design allows for flexible configuration and quick installation and disassembly

Technical data of the equipment variants

VariantMA 15-2PMA 30-4P ( U.S.A ) 
Batch size0,65 yd³1.3 yd³
Volume of the mixer0,98 yd³1,96 yd³
Required power input28 kW48 kW
Hourly outputup to 19 yd³up to 39 yd³
Electrical fuse32 A63 A
Diameter of planetary mixer74 inch102 inch
Size of storage hopper2.2 x 3.3 yd³2.2 x 3.3 yd³ 
Required installation spaceapprox. 95 yd²approx. 95 yd² 
Filling height of storage hopper97 inch 
Shovel width for filling125 inch (optional 137 inch)
Grade of wear partschrome hard casting / chromium carbide (HRC 54 – 58)
Cement silo37 yd³ (optional 44 yd³)
Number of mixer arms4 
Concrete recipesUp to 50 recipes

Certified safety concept: protect your employees
and customers

The personal safety of your customers when operating the system and of your employees during cleaning and maintenance is our highest priority.

This is the reason our safety concept for our Concrete Drive Thru filling station has been certified by DEKRA.

This concept allows for the operation of the systems in areas that are not fenced in or separated. A certified safety concept is of particular importance when a system is operated by untrained personnel (e.g. your customers).

In the event that an employee or customer enters a restricted area while the filling station is in operation, several safety switches shut down the machine immediately. Once somebody leaves the restricted area again, production goes on without any delay or any accumulation of waste products.

Performance level (PL) e

Configure your own concrete filling station – according to your needs and local conditions.

The entire concrete filling station consists of five single elements: one mixing module, gravel storage chambers with control, a discharge conveyor, a cement silo, a cement dust filter with a chip card reader.

The site only requires a 380 V/28kW-electricity connectionWater can be supplied via a permanent connection or a supplied storage tank. The maintenance effort for the system is about 30 minutes per working day.

Model MA 15/30-2:
2-Chamber-System with
18 ft³ / 35 ft³ Mixer,
Hourly output approx. 19 yd³ / 39 yd³

Model MA 15/30-4:
4-Chamber-System with
18 ft³ / 35 ft³ Mixer,
Hourly output approx. 19 yd³ / 39 yd³