Bulk material dispenser with building material kiosk,
Unmanned bulk material sales round-the-clock

Bulk materials – convenient and fast at the push of a button, regardless of which solution you opt for.
Our building materials kiosk is completely operated by your customer autonomously – the customer can shop without
having to contact the advisor personally, thus saving a great deal of time.

Your customer chooses the type and the amount of bulk materials on the touch screen on their own. Customised quantities are possible.

After the order process is complete, a QR code is created. This is printed and then read into the controller of the automatic bulk material dispenser via a scanner. Done!

Payment is made right on the terminal by EC or credit card; or else via a stored customer account after verification by RFID chip and PIN entry.

The building material kiosk,

do-it-yourself, no personnel expenses for you

All advantages at a glance:

All advantages for your customers at a glance:

The bulk material dispenser at a glance

Calibrated weighing plate for exact weighing of the delivery quantity

Level indicator with e-mail notification

Double storage chamber with 2 x 6.5yd³ supply – use of up to three double storage chambers for the sale of up to six bulk materials possible (39yd³ supply)


Two double storage chambers with level indicator and a vibrator for loosening up