Fresh concrete at the touch of a button

Modular construction

Configure your system yourself, according to your needs and your local conditions.

The concrete experts

As an owner-managed company, we are right at your side. We are very familiar with the profession of concrete.

Fast setup

The setup has to be quick and easy, for you and your customers!

Concrete at the touch of a button
the solution for self-collectors

Simple and fast
For you and your customers

Your customer chooses the required amount from 5.3 ft³ of various types of concrete and screed. You are the expert in building materials who advises him about the respective application. Simply drive the vehicle with the trailer under the discharge belt and start the mixing process using a chip card or QR code. Within two or three minutes, the fresh concrete is transported over the conveyor belt directly into the transport container.

The entire system is integrated in a safety concept UL certified and tested.

The water supply can be provided by a 264 gallon tank (IBC), so a water connection on the system is not absolutely necessary.

Good service strengthens customer loyalty.
Don’t miss out.

We support you to place your customer relationships on a solid foundation with gala constructors  (garden and landscaping constructors).

The advantages of a concrete filling station are obvious for building material suppliers. Your customers:  You supply all necessary equipment to gala-builders, civil engineers and also to private customers! This streamlines the work for the customers.

All you need for your basic assortment of paving and curb stones, palisades, prefabricated steps, etc., is concrete. Customers love full-range providers, who can supply them with everything in one trip – it simply saves a lot of time! Building material suppliers who cannot offer fresh concrete in small quantities, will lose customers in the future!

It is very easy to expand your service and include a high-yielding product, such as concrete, in your product range. Even without the relevant knowledge of fresh concrete, you can produce tested concrete mixes in various grain sizes with the chip card in the Concrete Drive Thru filling station.

It is comparable to the baking machine in a super market – get the desired product at the touch of a button. This does not guarantee that every customer will buy – but many will make use of the service. Don’t miss out and expand your range in time, and secure the future of your business.

Dry-cleaning procedure
(20 minutes, once a day)